What Supplements Should I Be Taking?

Supplements are a great addition to anyone’s diet plan, but they do raise many questions. Many people do not know what they should be taking, or which products and companies are quality. It is usually a pretty safe bet going with bigger, more well known companies such as Optimum Nutrition and BPI. However, research should be done on any product you are interested in before you buy it in order to make sure the products do what they say they will do.

Now for the real question: what supplements should you be taking? This depends on the goal of the individual, and here I will be going over some general health as well as weight loss. If your goals include muscle and strength gain I will cover that more when I get closer to my bulking cycle, but feel free to ask me any questions.

General Health

I suggest that everyone takes a multivitamin to cover any nutrient gaps they may have in their diet. I also suggest that people that do not drink 2-3 glasses of milk a day take a calcium supplement. People that have joint problems would benefit from a glucosamine supplement. The vitamins I take are:

2 ActiveMV by dotFIT (1 morning, 1 at night)

2 1100mg Glucosamine Capsules (1 morning, 1 night)

1 500mg Calcium Tablet (at night)


I take a few different pre-workouts, just depending on what I have at the time. If you are against pre-workouts, a simple cup of coffee can help your workout, or green tea to really get the metabolism spike and burn fat faster. My go-to pre-workouts:

2 Scoops Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy (I like the coffee house flavors)

1 Scoop Fuel (Orange Soda Flavor)

1 Scoop Max Effort Muscle (Raspberry is the best)


Post workout nutrition is incredibly important and the one area one should never miss out on. Since I train in a fasted state when I am cutting weight, I take amino acids post workout with 15g of glutamine. These two things help protect and rebuild muscle without having any caloric intake. Here is my post workout mix:

1 Scoop of Aminos (Either Amino Boost XXL by dotFIT or Best Aminos by BPI)

with 15g of glutamine.


Supplements are not going to replace a balanced diet, but they are incredibly helpful to help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Success is voluntary, supplement correctly.

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