Why do I do what I do

Why do I do what I do?

Since July of last year I have missed a total of 4 days in the gym, but even on those days not in the gym I still got a workout in whether it be push ups, sit ups, air squats, or walking lunges. It is crazy and yes you may need to be a little bit off in order to do that to yourself, but fuck it. Do I always want to go to the gym? No. Do I always want to get under the bar for squats? No. Do I always want to deadlift? Okay, that one is a yes, that is my shit. But anyway, everyone has to find something to motivate them when they feel weak, or don’t want to lift, or go to the gym at all. Am I saying you need to go all out every single workout? No, your body will never recover from that, but it is far more important that you show up for every workout and do your best that particular day whether you have it or not. This requires that you have something that drives you on those days where you do not have it at all, it can not be on only you 24/7.

So, what drives me?

If you know me well enough, you know that I lost my little brother on July 16, 2015 due to a man that ran a red light. Now, that in and of itself is plenty to deal with, but if you know me better than most, you know the story behind it. He was riding his skateboard to the gym, and the man ran a red light. He was 14. We were planning on meeting at the gym, but he left early in order to warm-up a little bit before I got there. I was walking to the gym and noticed half of bouquet closed down, then I noticed a white blanket covering a body in the street, and finally I noticed his skateboard broken in multiple pieces. I knew right away, talked to the police officers on scene, called my mom and dad, and then walked back to wait for them to come home.

It isn’t always easy

After losing him, I lost a lot of motivation and did not really know what to do. However, after about a month or two I started to get back FullSizeRender (1)to who I was, and decided that if he did not have the opportunity to live his life, I would live a life worth two. One for him and one for me. This is where a lot of my motivation comes from. I plan to impact thousands of lives just as I know he would have. Every single morning I wake up and look at the tattoo on my shoulder that says “Wyatt Strong” and it drives me to get better somehow, someway, every god damn day.

I hope that no one has to experience anything of that nature in their lives, but everyone needs something that gives them that extra bit of motivation on the days. Whether it be the loss of family or friends, the pain caused from bullying, a competition, or just to be better for their significant other. Everyone has to know to have a WHY.

Two ways to deal with pain or trauma in your life.

  1. Quit and have it break you. Or,
  2. Take it on, have that shit motivate you and go for it.


That is your choice, it is not an accident, because success is always voluntary.

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