Gaining Weight 101: Hard Gainer Diet

Are You a Hard Gainer?

Hard gainers are those that have a difficult time putting on weight of any source, whether it be fat or muscle, their metabolism burns it off. Their body does not want to hold on to the weight, and this often leads to feeling discouraged in the gym as they see no progress being made. They pound away every single day working harder and harder trying to put on muscle, but at the end of the day they end up being disappointed by the progress. Eventually they give up and expect to be lanky, small, or whatever else for the rest of their life.

How to Put on Weight:

First off, EAT WHOLE FOODS. Whole milk, beef, chicken thighs, and full fat cottage cheese. Make these the staples of your diet. These foods are dense in calories and nutrients. They should make up the backbone of anyone who struggles to put on weight, or for anyone new to the gym. The extra calories and nutrients in these foods help get to a calorie surplus much faster than trying to eat chicken breast 8 times a day, that is shitty.

Second, add calories anyway you can get them. If you are eating rice, add olive oil, add peanut butter to protein shakes, or eat a spoonful as a snack throughout the day. To put on weight, calories need to be added into the diet, and preferably healthy. All natural peanut butter, or almond, idgaf, just eat more food. A tablespoon of olive oil adds in about 100 calories to any meal that you have.

Third, and finally, eat more protein, carbs, and fat. The chances you have a difficult time gaining weight and you are eating enough are pretty slim. As far as macro breakdowns, shoot for 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, 1g of carbs per pound of bodyweight, and 0.5g of fat per pound of bodyweight. So for a 180 lbs lifter, this would be 180g of protein, 180g of carbs, and 90g of fat. This is not an EXACT macro breakdown, but it is a good general guideline to shoot for. Do this for a week and if you are still not gaining any weight, continue to add in carbs, fat, and protein until your weight starts increasing incrementally.

Go for the gains and put on some weight.

Success is Voluntary.

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