How do You Make a Change?

It is NOT the Easiest

Life changes and changing habits is no easy task and many are unable to create a lifelong lasting change. It requires consistent effort day in and day out in order to be able to change a habit and replace them with new ones. There will be struggles along the way, and each one is a learning moment. The important thing is to stay consistent, stay aware, and prepare yourself for success.

Follow the 80/20 Principle

The idea behind this approach is that what you do 80% of the time is far more important than what you do 20% of the time. If you spend 80% of your days eating healthy and only eat poorly about 20% of the time, you will lose weight. Are you going to win a bodybuilding show or shoot for a photo following that approach? Probably not. However, for someone trying to lose copious amounts of weight it will work just fine as they taper down day by day.

So say that 5/6 days of the week you eat clean, follow a healthy diet, and stay within your calorie goals. If you go off the deep end for one day, your work will not be entirely ruined, and you will lose any weight gained in the following week. You are what you consistently do, not what you do once a week.

Start Simple

Do not just jump into a crazy diet plan that totally flips your current diet upside down. Your body will not appreciate that, and you should slowly remove foods from your diet and drop the calorie count.

Small decisions consistently over time add up into the large changes you see take place. Whether it be one more day in the gym a week, or one less dessert a week. It all adds up over time and builds on one another. If you consistently eat shitty food, you will consistently have a shitty body composition. However, if you high quality food, lean meat, good carbs, and lots of veggies, your body composition will be tremendous.

Just Start

The hardest part is to begin, but it is also the most important. Start today by eating one healthy meal instead of going out to eat. How you begin and how seriously you take the changes will lay the groundwork of how your entire journey will go. If it starts inconsistent, it is unlikely to see results or to continue on with the journey. Whether you start or not, it is entirely up to you.

Success is Voluntary.

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