How to Recover From a Cheat Day

Not everyday is going to be perfect and it is entirely okay to splurge a little here and there. It is unlikely that you can go 365 days a year without having a poor meal or blowing way past your calorie intake goal for the day. Whether your diet is Ketogenic, low fat, no sugar, whatever it is, the chances are you are going to take a cheat day. What is my go to on a cheat meal? Generally I go donuts, but occasionally I go big and get a massive dinner like the photo above. BBQ is always worth the cheat.

So How You Recover From That?


Drink water leading up to it. About a gallon during the day before the cheat meal, as well as extra water before and after the meal. It is important to stay hydrated because the amount of carbs and sodium will make you feel dehydrated. By drinking plenty of water throughout the day and after the meal, your body will feel much better the following day.


Following the cheat meal take a Tums or Alka Seltzer in order to avoid any stomach issues that may occur from the food your body is not used to. Before the meal, if possible have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to help with digestion and immune health.


Fast the following day. I recommend not eating breakfast as soon as you wake up the following day, but instead waiting until around 10 am before eating. This helps the body burn off some of the excess calories, as well as helps avoid the bloating that often accompanies a cheat day.


Get back on track as quickly as possible. The next day should be what your general diet looks like, regardless of what that is. By getting back into rhythm the following day you get back on track to your goals. Do not allow your cheat day or cheat meal to become a cheat week. One day will not ruin your success or take you far off track, but a week of binge eating absolutely will.


Just drink water, fast, and get back on track and your cheat meal is perfectly acceptable.

Success is Voluntary, as always.

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