My Bulking Diet

I am not a fan of the “Dirty Bulk” or the eat whatever you see diet. They will help put on mass, but the quality of muscle that is put on is much lower than if you were to eat healthy whole foods. I am a big fan of timing carbohydrates for a few reasons.

  1. They help fuel the workout as well as recover from it
  2. Less likely to turn into fat
  3. Insulin spikes help promote muscle gain

I am not a fan of eating carbs throughout the day, but that is just how my body works. I feel much better, and have much better gains when I eat carbs around workouts and fat when I am further from the workout itself. Here is what my diet looks like on my training days (6 days a week). Sunday is my active rest day and I tend to take in fewer carbs, but more fat.

Best of luck with your bulking phases. Success is voluntary.

Preworkout Meal and Shake: 1-1.5 Hours Before Lift

8 oz egg whites

¾ cup berry medley


1 scoop oats (50g)

1 banana

1 scoop protein powder

1 heaping tbsp almond butter

1 cup whole milk

P: 68g C: 101g F: 28g Calories: 1020

Preworkout Supplement: 30 Minutes Before

2 Scoops Protein Energy

P: 20g Calories: 80

Postworkout Shake: Last 20 Minutes of/Right After

1 Scoop Protein

20g dextrose

20g maltodextrin

P: 25g C: 48g Calories: 320

Postworkout Meal: 1 Hour After

8 oz (measured raw) boneless skinless chicken thighs

8 oz yams

P: 44g C: 63g F: 9g Calories: 530

Meal 3:

8 oz 85/15 Beef with Onions and Jalapenos

2 cups Broccoli

P: 42g C: 12g (fiber) F: 34g Calories: 544

Meal 4:

8 oz (measured raw) boneless skinless chicken thighs

2 cups broccoli

 P: 44g C: 12g (fiber) F: 9g Calories: 322


1 cup Small Curd Cottage Cheese

1 Tbsp natural pb

P: 32g C: 11g F: 20g Calories: 325

Total: Protein: 275 g Carbs: 223 g Fat: 100 g Calories: 3140


Shopping List:

6 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs

3 lbs 85/15 beef

6 bananas

6 lbs broccoli

2 bags of berry medley (trader joe’s)

48 oz whole milk 

48 oz egg whites

3 jalapenos

1 onion

48 oz cottage cheese

Oats (I use instant oats from MyProtein

Protein powder

Dextrose and maltodextrin

1 jar almond butter

1 jar peanut butter

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