Consistency Over Everything

It Is Not Overnight

Although social media may fool you into believing that transformations take place because of a special formula that just clicked one day, that is not how it works. No one loses 60 pounds overnight, and no one puts on 25 pounds of muscle in a month. It takes weeks, months, and years to make any significant change. It is showing up and doing what you are supposed to do every single day in the gym, and eating the foods you need to be eating that go along with it.

It Is Not Motivation

Sure motivation may help you get there on the days you don’t want to put in the work, but that isn’t what makes significant change. Motivation gets one started, but it does not keep them going. It is really believing in the work you put in, and delaying the gratification long term. Quitting because the results aren’t coming as easy as you thought is a very common mistake, but it isn’t valid in the slightest. Anyone can get massive results, they just have to show up.

Nothing Special

There is a quote by Cory Gregory that says, “I don’t do anything special, I just don’t fucking miss”. It usually isn’t about the program, the time under tension, or the exact diet you’re following. You can train for strength, endurance, or speed, and you can be keto, paleo, or high carb, none of that matters unless you show up every single day. This does not mean it needs to consume your life all day every day, but the consistency needs to be there. Cory squats every single day, and yes that is a bit extreme, but he follows it consistently, and that is what really matters.

Showing up once a week is not going to get you the results you want, although it may help you feel better, it is relatively useless. Results come from making time for the gym, tracking progress, and repeating it on a consistent basis. Consistency over motivation always.

Success is Voluntary.

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