Why Diets Don’t Work

They Don’t Last

The major issue with diets is that they are centered around a timeline in most cases. Diets promote healthy (used loosely) eating in the short-term, but do not promote the ability to sustain weight loss. It is not about doing something for a few weeks, getting the results you want, and then to fall back into the habits before the change was made. Sure it may be great to see the weight on the scale drop a significant amount in just a few weeks, but keeping the weight off is what counts.

It Isn’t a Secret

It is not a secret diet that is going to make all the difference. However, making better eating habits and tracking what you eat will. No it isn’t easy, no it doesn’t give the instant satisfaction of seeing your weight drop quickly does, but a consistent approach will yield greater long-term results. There will be plateaus where the weight stops dropping, or even goes up, but at that point you make a slight adjustment and continue one.

Enjoy the Journey

If you think that eating healthy is absolutely terrible, then this entire approach probably will not work out for you. It is about learning about healthy foods, what works best for your body, and learning how to enjoy the whole process. In the long run it will be much easier to follow through and continue if you create a new way of life, and learn how to love the healthy lifestyle.

Or Don’t

No one says you have to eat healthy, exercise, or take care of yourself. However, when you develop diabetes or have a heart attack at 60 and knock 10 years off your lifespan, don’t shoot the messenger. Maybe you won’t enjoy the journey, but understand that being able to eat healthy will only help you more in the long run. It extends the active lifespan, and allows for a much better transition into the later years. But hey, if you don’t mind dying early and would prefer to eat pizza everyday then live longer, then go for it. I’m not here to lecture.

Success is Voluntary

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