New Year Goal Setting

Everyone sets some kind of goals or makes resolutions for the new year, but some people either create goals that are too easy or too difficult. Or they also set goals that you can’t actually track. This article is here to help you set goals in any walk of life.

Make them Attainable

As Bill Gates said, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years”. Set goals and be ambitious, but understand that certain things take more time than others. For example, if someone is deadlifting 315 lbs for their one rep max, it just isn’t likely that they can deadlift 500 in the coming year. 500 lbs is a great goal! But if you are 185 lbs away, it just isn’t achievable in such a short time span. The same goes for a company that is attempting to jump from bringing in $75,000 to bringing in $500,000. It isn’t totally impossible, but it just does not make sense to do it in only a year.

Make them Measurable

Setting a goal of “Go to the gym more” is not precise enough to really create a change in behavior. However, “Go to the gym 3x a week” is measurable and creates a bit more action. It gives you something to shoot for, which creates motivation as well as a yes or no situation. Either you went to the gym 3x that week, or you didn’t, no in between. The same goes for losing weight or body fat. Setting a goal that can be measured such as “lose 15 lbs” or “drop under 15% body fat”. Without a specific goal, there is wiggle room which helps breed excuses.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Some people make the mistake of setting too many goals causing them to lose focus and not accomplish any of them. Setting multiple goals is important, but setting 20 goals or resolutions isn’t smart. It is overwhelming. With 5-8 goals set in different areas of life, it allows you to focus in and truly accomplish a few goals instead of losing sight. Ambition is important, but focus is what allows anyone to accomplish great things in life.


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