Make Time

The biggest excuse by far on why people can’t make it to the gym is:

“I don’t have time”

That excuse is utter bullshit. Everyone has time. Regardless of what it is that takes up so much time. School. Work. Children. Whatever it is, there is time to be made or found.

The average American watches TV for 5 hours and 4 minutes every single day (NYT).

The average American spends 1 hour and 40 minutes on social media (Telegraph).

This is the average, you may fall on the lower end or higher end for either of the two. However, even on the low end there is time wasted in the day. Life changes only occur when you make them happen. No one has ever had their dreams come true by sitting back and hoping someone else will do it for them. Nothing works unless you do.

Now many people get busy with school, work, family, or a mix of the three. It is entirely valid to say you are busy driving to and from work, driving your kids around, or studying/catching up on work. What isn’t valid is saying that those things are what stop you from getting to the gym. No matter what it is, there is time that could be spent in the gym.

For example, take Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is a serial entrepreneur and one of the largest figures on social media. If you follow him, you know his schedule is jam packed with an insane amount of work. He has a camera man follow him around to each of his meetings, flights, talks, and whatever else he has going on that day. He still makes time to get to the gym. It would be a massive struggle to find someone busier than he is, but somehow he still gets it in.

There are no excuses not to go to the gym, including “I don’t have time”. That isn’t a reason, it’s an excuse, a horrible one at that.

Get in the gym.

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