How to Prevent Injuries

There are many aspects that go into injuries, sometimes it is not the fault of poor form, but just an injury. They happen to the best of athletes from Kobe Bryant to Lindsey Vonn. Sometimes the body just can’t handle the loads placed on it, or the wear and tear of training and competition add up. Whether it be from lifting too much weight, or your form not being on point, there are a few ways to help prevent them.

Focus on Form

Injuries caused by poor form are the easiest to avoid, but some of the most common injuries in the gym and in sports. With squats, deadlifts, bench, cleans, and snatches the for is absolutely critical. There is no reason to get injured due to a lack of form.

The easiest way to fix it is to find a coach. They see things that you otherwise would not and are able to give you specific exercises to re-mediate any glaring issues. The more experienced, the better. However, this comes at a price much of the time. Regardless, whether it is for powerlifting, weightlifting, or just general exercises, make sure the coach you find is able to lift a decent amount of weight. If they aren’t strong or experienced in the area you want, then they aren’t the coach for you.

Listen to Your Body (Sometimes)

Your body will more often than not tell you when something isn’t right. Although many times you’ll have aches and pains that you just kind of need to lift through. However, if the pain is persistent or extreme, then it likely calls for some rest and relaxation. If that doesn’t help, then it may be time to take a trip to the doctors.

The theme is listen to your body. If it doesn’t feel good, then don’t go out and lift which could cause a real problem. Overuse injuries to happen, and many of them can be avoided by taking a day or two off, or squatting one less time a week. This is NOT an excuse to skip the gym everyday. In the words of the famous John Broz, “If you wait til you feel good with no aches or pains to train, you will never be here[the gym]”.

Recover Right

Recovery is a massive issue for many people. Whether they don’t consume enough protein, sleep enough, or just train too damn much. Everyone should be sleeping 6-8 hours every single night, especially if they want to be competitive in their respective sport. Prioritizing sleep is one of the most underrated aspects of training. You can’t out work a poor diet, and you can’t out eat poor sleep. Without rest, the body will never recover enough to get stronger.

Over-training is possible. Not likely that you have ever actually done it, but it is possible. There is over doing it, where you wake up sore for the next week, but that is usually just because you aren’t used to it. That just requires a bit more consistency, and it will soon feel much better. Over-training comes in the form of small aches and pains in places like the knees and hips that don’t go away. It is generally due to lifting too much with slightly poor form, or just doing a little too much for a longer period of time. The best way to fix it is to take a deload week.


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