Top 3 Protein and Energy Bars

Sometimes it’s not easy to have a fully prepped and ready to go meal on hand, or maybe you forgot your food at home that day. It always helps to keep a protein or energy bar on hand for a quick snack. There are a ton of protein and energy bars on the market, but many of them absolutely suck. They taste like garbage. Here are my favorite 3:

1. ProBar

ProBars are found mainly on Amazon or in Whole Foods, but they just taste so damn good. My favorite flavor is the banana nut bread, with chocolate chip being a close second. These bars are all natural, packing in plenty of natural carbs and sugars for energy. Each one has about 44g of carbs, 9g of protein, and the fats vary from about 9g up to 22g (the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip). They are great as a preworkout snack with anywhere between 340-500 calories, and a great source of carbs. Obviously these bars are not Keto friendly, and if you have any nut allergies, they aren’t an option. However, they taste great, and come from all natural sources.

2. Quest Bars

If you’ve worked out, you’ve likely seen a Quest bar at some point. They have a wide variety of flavors, my favorite being the blueberry muffin. They pack about 20g of protein per bar, only 6g of fat, and about 22g of carbs, 14g coming from fiber. Due to this, they fit into any dieting lifestyle, and can combat a sweet tooth when it comes time to cut off a bit of weight. Some people aren’t too fond of them, but they workout great before a workout, after, or any time of day.

3. Met-Rx Big 100 Colossal Bar

These bars are massive in size, and taste phenomenal. My favorite flavor is the Apple Pie Crisp. These bars are great as a meal replacement before or after a workout. Packing 31g of protein, 47g of carbs, and 10g of fat, these bars weigh in at 400 calories each. With lots of sugar and carbs, they are best utilized around a workout. They are probably the best tasting bar on this list, but the nutrient quality isn’t up to par with the other two bars. The bars have a nice texture with both a soft icing layer, and a layer to give it a bit of crunch. I keep one in my bag in case I forget my food.

Protein bars can’t replace a balanced diet, but they are great to use in a pinch. Make sure to get the right ones depending on your goals. A Big 100 tastes great, but it isn’t great to use when you’re cutting!

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