Quick and Easy Protein Pancake Recipe

What you need:

Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes

Egg Whites

That’s it


Simply make the same recipe on the side of the box, but instead of water use egg whites. You may want to add a bit more egg whites than you would water, just to make sure that you get a thinner pancake. However, if you like super fluffy ones, then the one to one ratio amount that the package suggests is perfect.

This is slightly better from a macro perspective than doing the recipe the box shows with a regular egg and milk. The egg whites add no fat, but add a ton of protein, while making the pancakes a bit fluffier.

With my current diet, plenty of protein and carbs are optimal, but I prepping egg whites in advance does not turn out well at all. In pancake form, I get to eat pancakes and still get the protein I need from the egg whites. It’s much quicker than making egg whites and oatmeal every morning.

Go ahead and prep these in advance of two to three days. It’ll be a bit dry on the far end of that, but it holds well overall.

Top with no sugar maple syrup, or if you don’t care about blowing past your carb goals for the day, regular maple syrup will do.

Pro Tip: If you suck at making pancakes (1) Get better (2) Wait until the side up has plenty of bubbles showing through before flipping. This will make for a much easier flip than just guessing at it.

Enjoy and best of luck in making gains!

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