Injuries vs. Pains

Injuries can happen even to the best lifters. With proper technique, you are still susceptible to injuries. Lifters of all levels get injuries, and sometimes they don’t do anything wrong, they just happen. Injuries refer to things that either don’t go away or cause real structural damage. These are the pops, tears, sprains, breaks, and other injuries of that nature, or they are the pains that seem to never go away. Whether it is low back, knee, or shoulder, if a pain is lasting over a few weeks, there is likely an underlying issue.

Pains, on the other hand, are smaller, often overuse injuries that hurt for a couple days, but feel better after resting. These are the small tweaks that hurt at the moment, but don’t last for longer than a week or two. Usually, just a small movement that makes a muscle or tendon inflame a bit, but not caused by a tear. Pains are something that can be worked around.

When to Take a Day Off Training

When injured, it’s important not to push it with the area that’s hurting. It should be looked at. For example, if you have an injury in your knee that doesn’t seem to be going away, it probably isn’t the smartest idea to keep lifting on it. This can make the injury worse and needs to be looked at before lifting on it.

For pains, if you hurt it on Tuesday and you’re supposed to squat again on Saturday, it is probably smart to take that day off if it still hurts. If the pain is light, or non-existent, it is likely safe to go ahead and lift on it.



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