How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

A vacation is a great time to get away from everything and provides a mental reset on your normal day to day life. A week or weekend away may be all you need in order to get out of a rut and back into your groove. When vacationing one of the biggest things I worry about is where I’m going to lift and this goes along with how I’m going to eat. If it’s a short vacation, I will likely not care how I eat and just enjoy myself. However, if it’s a bit longer, then I plan to eat relatively healthy but still enjoy myself. Here are a few tips not to pack on too much weight during a prolonged vacation.

Avoid the Sugar

Sugar itself is not inherently bad, but during a vacation, it is easy to load up on all the great sweet desserts. The only issue is that there is next to no nutritional value coming from these. Sure, have a few in the time you are vacationing, but if you’re having donuts and ice cream every day, expect to come back a bit heavier.

Keep the Big Meals Post Workout

Post workout is the best time to have your biggest meal. It will provide your body with plenty of nutrients and protein in order to repair it. Although to quality likely will not be the same as you have at home, it will be a decent way to recover. This also ensures that the calories don’t go unused and start turning into fat.

Center Meals Around Protein and Veggies

This is the hard part because things like baked potatoes, french fries, and bread exist. Centering your meals around protein and veggies ensures that there will at least be some sort of healthy food on your plate. Now I’m not saying skip over all of the good tasting carbs, but I am saying that centering around protein will be beneficial in the long run. Make sure the protein remains high and other foods high in carb and fat remain relatively low.

Most importantly, enjoy your vacation.

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