Try Things

When first getting into fitness there are hundreds of subcultures within it from CrossFit to Ultra-Marathons to Powerlifting, and you may not know where to start. My advice is to try many of them and see which one you click with better. If you hate running, then it’s likely that marathons aren’t for you. Shop around and see which areas are for you and which ones aren’t.


Doing things that you like makes staying consistent far easier and will ensure that you don’t burn out on it. CrossFit may be a great workout but if you hate it, it is very unlikely that you keep with it. The opposite is true, if you love it from day one, then you’ll likely stick with it for the long run.


Email gyms around your town to get a day or week-long pass that allows you to try them out. From the local CrossFit box to the Weightlifting gyms, just go around and taste each and every one of them. Join the running clubs around town and see if it goes well. There is nothing wrong with trying out as many things as you can. By doing so you may genuinely get excited about fitness and all that it includes. It may also lead you down the road to a competitive future.

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