Is Online Coaching Worth It?

With the recent explosion in online fitness coaches, the question of whether or not they are worth it will come into play more and more. Essentially online coaching is having a personal trainer that isn’t with you. They write the workouts, the meal plans, and will help with technique as well as any questions the client may have. However, it isn’t simple to see the value as many of them are charging upwards of $200 a month in order to perform this service. There are certain cases when it will be worth the ticket price:

You know what you’re doing, but don’t know how to set up training.

If you don’t know how to write workouts for the day to day and don’t want to waste your time doing research for programs, then an online coach would help tremendously. They will be able to measure your current fitness level and write you a program that best suits your needs as an athlete. Even the best program template may not be the best for you.

In order to make consistent gains in strength, cardio, and other aspects of fitness, training will need to be periodized. This includes working up the intensity and fatigue slowly but surely over 4, 8, or often 12 weeks in order to force the body to change. It is then followed by a relatively light week to allow for adaptation. If you don’t want to research this or don’t know if you fall in the beginner, intermediate, or advanced areas, then it is likely worth it to pay for a trainer.

There are no quality coaches near you.

If you want to compete at a high level, at some point you are going to have to invest in a coach. This has a tremendous impact on training, accountability, and can be what you need to take you to another level. A high-level coach in person will always be a better option than a high-level online coach, but that isn’t always an option. If there are no great coaches around you, then an online coach is your next best bet. There are tons of great coaches now promoting online training for anything and everything. From weightlifting to bodybuilding to ultra-endurance, there is someone out there that can help you.


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