Meal Prep Tips

If you’ve never meal prepped before then make sure that you have at least a little bit of skill in the kitchen. If you can’t cook one meal then you probably shouldn’t attempt to cook 24 of them. Start with the basics like cooking chicken breast, rice, and how to cook ground meat. Once you can do these then it should make the meal prep life incredibly easy.

Tip #1 Prep All Vegetables First

Prepping vegetables is usually one of the longer parts of meal prep, but once it’s done then your life is much easier. It will help speed up prep time by then just having to cook all of it. I cut the sweet potatoes, onions, bell peppers, and jalapenos before I start to cook anything. It’s much easier to have these on hand when I need them than attempting to cut them 2 minutes before they need to go in the pan.

Tip #2 Time it All

If rice takes 15 minutes to cook and sweet potatoes take an hour, then it doesn’t exactly make sense to start the rice first. I start with the sweet potatoes, then cook the rice and beef at the same time while the chicken goes in when the rice starts to simmer. By doing this everything finishes cooking at about the same time. This helps with prep time because I don’t get stuck there waiting 45 minutes for sweet potatoes.

Tip #3 Keep it Simple

Don’t try to make some extravagant dishes that require a ton of spices or ingredients. Keep it simple. For example, my chicken is coated with olive oil and garlic salt, then broiled for about 8 minutes each side. That’s all it takes. Rice gets some onion, garlic, onion, and jalapenos to give it some flavor. I add buffalo sauce to the chicken often and rice will occasionally get some salt or soy sauce after it cooks. Towards the end of the week, it definitely gets sauce because it gets a bit dry. Don’t overdo it by trying to make an extra difficult dish with 20 ingredients. Short, simple, delicious.


Hope this helps, happy prepping.

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