Simplifying Weight Loss

Weight loss is often overcomplicated by people looking for the best diet, the best macro breakdown, or the best food. The best diet is the one you follow. Losing some weight does not have to be difficult or confusing. Here are some simple tips on how to cut back on the weight without making some ridiculous life changes or following the newest fad diets.

Tip #1: Cut Back on Portions

If you aren’t losing weight, there’s a good chance that you need to eat a bit less. Now, this doesn’t have to be cutting back entirely on carbs or fat and going that route, but cutting back on how much you eat will give results in the beginning. If there is no worries of performance or lack thereof, then cutting back on portion size will generally cause weight loss in the beginning.

Tip #2: Move More

A few 10 minute walks every day will generally elicit weight loss in the untrained person. After breakfast and dinner will help with digestion and allow for a few minutes of relaxation and movement. The exercise doesn’t have to be a rigorous 2-hour workout, but a few minutes here and there, in the beginning, is going to go a long way. Going to the gym even if only for 15 to 30 minutes is going to give results, and is better than nothing every single time. Even if only 20 minutes, that’s still 20 minutes more than 0 and everyone has to start somewhere. Three or four times a week as you start is plenty, and as you progress the law of diminishing returns takes over, resulting in the need for more effort.

Tip #3: Calories in Calories out

Calories at the end of the day will be a solid determinate of whether or not you lose weight. Keeping protein at about .8 grams/pound of bodyweight is a good goal. Then all that matters is changing the fat and carbohydrate amounts. Those are the two energy sources in the body and should be the focus if you want to lose weight. Although protein does have calories, it is the most important for keeping muscle and ensuring the weight loss isn’t also muscle.

At the end of the day, it’s just about dropping a few pounds here and there, no need to go crazy about it.


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