How to Adjust Macros for Weight Loss

Macro breakdowns are something that many people talk about but nearly no one has any idea what they mean. There is a lot of confusion over what the best macro breakdown is to lose weight, and although people like to argue over what percentage of each is going to elicit maximum weight loss, there is no special number. At the end of the day carbohydrates and fats are primarily used for energy, while protein is largely used to rebuild and repair muscle tissue. Here are some very basic tips to adjust your macros to prohibit a bit of weight loss.

First, track your food

This can be done very easily with apps like myfitnesspal and can give you a good idea of what your daily caloric intake is. The app is also able to tell you how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat you intake on an average day. Track your food for a week to find an average of how much you intake day to day. No need to make any large change to your diet right away, just eat like normal and track your food.

Second, eat more protein

Most people do not eat nearly enough protein, so it is a pretty easy recommendation to say eat a bit more of it. The goal is roughly .8-1.0 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. High protein diets have shown to increase weight loss as well as ensure that muscle is kept on while fat is lost. Protein also makes you feel full for longer as it takes a bit more to digest it than say white rice.

Third, move the carbs and fat

This is where much of the debate comes in on weight loss with people going to extremes on both low carb (ketogenic) as well as low fat. There is no need to go to either of these extremes and doing so might result in a decrease in performance in the gym. Now, if you enjoy keto, it works for you, and you don’t mind the likely decrease in performance, then go for it! However, this likely is unnecessary for the average person who can benefit simply by eating fewer carbs as well as a bit less fat. Carbs and fat are simply energy sources for the body which you need both of in order to maintain healthy hormone levels. If you want to lose weight it is crucial to cut back on these and replace them with green leafy vegetables that will help keep you full longer.

Counting macros isn’t necessary for weight loss, but knowing which macros to adjust is important. Weight loss can be as simple as eating fewer carbs and fat every day. Adjust, see how the body responds, and either cut more or workout a bit more. Just make a positive change down the line.

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