Three Ways to a Better Night’s Sleep

Everyone knows by now that sleep is an integral part for everyone from high-level athletes to the average joe going to and from work. Obviously, 6-9 hours of sleep is going to be optimal for most people, although there is a margin where people might need more or less. There is little doubt about whether or not sleep is beneficial for recovery and things along that nature. Here are a few ways to get a better night’s sleep:

Tip #1: Supplement

Yes, this one might seem like the obvious choice, and to clarify by supplements I do not mean sleeping pills. There are tons of supplements that are said to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. My favorite for this by far is ZMA or zinc monomethionine/asparate and magnesium aspartate which is a combination of minerals (zinc and magnesium) both of which are shown to improve sleep quality. Better sleep leads to better hormone levels which lead to more gains. Another one I like is Nature’s Calm which is a powdered magnesium that you can take any time of day to help with stress and anxiety, or before bed to get some more ZZZ’s. The last one to help with sleep is New Mood by Onnit which works in a similar way the other two do, but this one also includes L-tryptophan to ensure the sleep.

Tip #2: Empty the Tank

If you give all you got for the 16 or 18 hours that you are awake, there is no way that you aren’t tired by the end of the day. Although it might sound obvious, it is something many people will skip over. Don’t be refueling with coffee at 5 o’clock at night, no wonder you can’t sleep your body is not ready for it. The same goes for naps, avoid them if possible in order to be tired by the time you’re trying to go to sleep.

Tip #3: Eat the Right Foods

Certain foods help promote better sleep because of the vitamins and minerals that are found in them. Both walnuts and almonds are great to have before bed, in part of the healthy fats they provide as well as the minerals. Walnuts provide melatonin and L-tryptophan, while almonds provide a good source of magnesium. Tuna helps because it is high in vitamin B6 that your body needs in order to produce melatonin and serotonin. Chamomile tea with a tablespoon of honey can combine to be a great drink to sip on before bed.

If sleeping is an issue for you, try a few of these and see if it gets you to sleep faster.

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