What to do When You Miss

Missing a few lifts here and there are bound to happen either due to weakness or a breakdown in technique. Should you be missing every training session? Probably not. Although it sucks, it is going to happen whenever you push yourself to your max or if your technique is unable to support the weight. Big weights have a tendency to show you where your form is weak or show you where you are physically weak. Here are a few tips to continue getting better at it.

Tip #1: Figure out if it is a technical or physical error

Sometimes you just aren’t strong enough to lift the weight and that is perfectly okay, no one is able to deadlift an infinite amount of weight. A physical error will occur more and more as you lift as the technique dials in. A technical error will happen as well, with any type of lift near a 1RM, the likelihood of technical error is high. Sometimes you just have a bad rep and miss a weight you shouldn’t be missing.

Tip #2: Research a fix for the issue

For physical errors, you need to first figure out what aspect caused the miss. Sometimes the core isn’t strong enough, other times you miss at lockout or can’t even get it out of the hole, off the chest, or off the ground. If you don’t know the prime mover at these points then research that, then look for exercises to improve your weakness.

For technical errors, you need to see what caused the miss. It could be a poor position at any point throughout the lift or a loss of focus that caused it. The heavier the weight, the better the form needs to be. You likely can’t just muscle the weight up at a certain point and form needs to be locked in.

Tip #3: Use the miss to help focus on accessory work/form

Knowing that you missed a weight you think you can get can be a huge motivation inside and outside of the gym. Although it might be demoralizing at first to have missed, take the miss and use it to motivate you through those workouts you don’t want to do. Every set, every rep, every workout come with a 100% knowing that you’re gonna have to kill it in order to get that weight. Take focus on form to the next level and put more effort into the accessory work. Everyone focuses on the bread and butter, but not everybody focuses on the small stuff. The small stuff is what matters. How you do anything is how you do everything.

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