My Ab Routine

When cutting or going for mainly a physique goal, I tend to train abs every single day with just a few different moves. The goal is to make them appear thick so they are able to “pop” a bit more. For strength and stability, my ab routine changes a bit.

Aesthetic Routine


  • 100 ab wheels in the morning
  • 100 weighted crunches with a 25 lbs plate at night
  • 100 leg lifts after a workout

3x a week:

  • Cable rope crunches 5×12 (heavy)
  • Toes to Bar 3×20

Strength Routine

Before every workout:

  • 30 leg lifts
  • 20 Planking shoulder touches

3-4x a week:

  • Side planks 4×30 seconds each side
  • Toes to Bar 3×20

2-3x a week:

  • Waiter’s carries 3×30 steps
  • Farmer’s carries (1 arm) 3×30 steps

As you can see, my strength goal is more functional and stability based. My aesthetic goals are to get my abs as thick as possible. Gotta do what the goal takes.


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